Imaging In Italy is a great program for anyone who wants to learn to make great images. Boccaccio’s unique style, his way of seeing the world and capturing it on film is what most impressed us at Geographic. I can’t think of a more qualified photographer to mentor his colleagues in the art of seeing, particularly as it relates to photography!

- Jack Fletcher National Geographic Magazine

 Sullivan Family at Piazza Navona, Rome
We hired you as a photography coach years ago during our visit to Rome. We asked you to focus your attention on our high school age daughter, Caitlin, who expressed an interest in photography. I am proud to tell you that she won a college scholarship based on her photography from that trip and beyond. Thank you for your wonderful coaching!
— LaRea S. / USA
Tobias Lachmann.jpg
Imaging in Italy’s tours gave me an unforgettable and productive experience where my pictures improved from the start and I turned from “taking snapshots” towards “creating images”.

My time in Rome with Imaging In Italy was so great that I went again in the very next year for two more photo tours, learning everything I could from this remarkable programme.
— Tobias L. / Germany
We had a GREAT time with both Simone and Luca. They both went above and beyond the call of duty. Our whole outlook on travel photography has changed for good after working with these experienced photographers. Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to both of them
— Peter & Elizabeth G. / Australia


"If you like photography and are keen to learn from one of the best around, then I recommend getting yourself a place on one of Tony’s tours. If you’re a beginner, you couldn’t get a better grounding in the art (and joy) of photography. If you’re already an experienced photographer, you’ll be surprised how much you can learn in such a short time. And besides, where else can you get such attention from a top-league professional?"

— Mat & Hels / London

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity you gave us. It was one of the highlights of our trip. You literally did change the way we look at things, both through the camera and “eye”. We were able to learn so much more in one afternoon, than in past year since we’ve had the camera.
— Terry & Jeannette D. / Atlanta
I came across “Imaging in Italy” and signed up right away. Once in Rome, I met Tony Boccaccio at the Coliseum, where we talked about my objectives and what I wanted to get out of the trip. Over the next few days he gave coached me on different techniques and provided new ideas on how to take better photos, shooting along with me to demonstrate these techniques. He would give me “assignments” and we would later review the photos I took, Tony providing feedback almost like a portfolio review. By the time my trip was over Tony had given me the knowledge and tools on how to take *photographs*, not just snapshots. I learned more during the short time I was with him than I could have ever possibly learned in a classroom or from books.
— Henry B. / New York
AAB7008.jpg Melinda
Imaging in Italy offers full and half-day walking tours of Rome, Florence, and Venice. The company was founded by Antonio Boccaccio, a gifted artist and former National Geographic photographer with a zest for life. I highly recommend Imaging in Italy as the tours are great for all photography skill levels and are certain to spice up your trip. Tony’s hand-picked photographers’ firm-but-fun coaching style is meant to push you to see the world in a new way and challenge you to take your photography to the next level; they do not blow sunshine at you, but they are not a harsh judges either. My day with Imaging In Italy rekindled my curiosity and passion for photography. I now shoot everyday and I take time to meditate on what I’m seeing. I consider the photo I’m creating and I steer clear of mindlessly snap-snap-snapping images.
— Melinda S. / USA
My wife and I had the opportunity to increase our photographic education and experience while in Rome for the the first time.  Our instructor, Gari Williams, a patient, talented, informative and experienced photographer took us on a grand twilight photographic tour of Rome.
Gari not only guided us to fantastic photographic locations in Rome, but helped us to see the city in a way that moved our photos from being more than than snapshots to works of photographic art.  Much of what we learned from Gari that day was used on the rest of our 30 day vacation in Italy and Greece.
Signing up for the tour online with Imaging in Italy was easy and quick.  We cannot say enough about how outstanding Gari is as a photography teacher, and a knowledgable guide around Rome.  We recommend Imaging in Italy as a great opportunity to view Rome with an experienced guide and photographer.  We hope we can do it again in the future.

— Doug & Margo / USA

This tour was the best part of my time in Rome. I had a blast, and our photographer showed us places we’d never have found on our own, not to mention he took us to a fantastic trattoria off the beaten path. I’d recommend this to everyone!
— Andrea P. / San Diego, CA USA
This tour is the ultimate gift you can give yourself. Not only will you have an amazing experience - but you will walk away with photography skills that will make the rest of your travels a lifetime of memories. We had a great time - seeing Rome with a different set of eyes! I look forward to being back in Italy and taking another tour!
— Don & Niki M. / Seattle WA
THANK YOU for leading our amazing time in Rome! Our heads have been spinning since we returned. You gave us exactly what we were looking for. You enabled us to think and see outside of ourselves and inspired us to make photos better than ever.
— Janet & Kerry K. / Colorado
Our trip to Rome was one that won’t ever be forgotten. If our memories should ever fail, we have the most awesome pictures to remember it by. We all enjoyed our classes and learned so much. I feel the results are phenomenal.
— Debbie, Chuck & Ashleigh D. / USA